Sacramento Drywood Termite Extermination

The drywood termite is a native insect species in many areas of California. Drywood termites live in widespread colonies that are found deep within the wood, making it harder to detect their presence.

Detecting Drywood Termites

Having a professional inspect for signs of drywood termites is the best option for homeowners. There are some signs that can indicate the presence of a colony.

Even though drywood termites dwell deep within wood, there might be visible feeding damage to exposed wood surfaces.

A swarm is the easiest way to detect the presence of a drywood termite colony. Unfortunately, swarms occur once a colony has already matured. The presence of a swarm or shed wings is a very serious sign that a termite colony is near.

Small pellets of fecal matter can indicate the presence of drywood termites or other pests. Drywood termites will also drill a small hole that is used to remove the fecal pellets from the colony. A small hole with fecal pellets nearby is a good indicator of drywood termite activity.

Treatment Methods

When a large structure has been overrun by a termite colony, some homeowners elect to have the home fumigated. Unfortunately, the home must be vacated for a period of about three days. Additionally, fumigation does not provide residual protection.

One of the most popular methods for eradicating termites requires drilling holes into the structure and injecting a chemical pesticide. While this treatment is a local treatment, it does provide residual protection.

There are sprays and foams available that can be applied to wood surfaces to prevent termite activity. These substances can also be applied through holes drilled into existing termite galleries.

Wood replacement is generally an inconvenient option, but it is sometimes the only safe option in structures that have been severely compromised.

Do-it-yourself solutions to drywood termite infestations are hugely unsuccessful. Fortunately for homeowners in the Sacramento area, Pegasus Pest Control has the pest solutions to prevent and stop termite invasions.


In many homes, termites have burrowed into places that cannot be reached by baiting and barrier treatment methods. These situations demand the use of fumigation. Fumigation involves pumping odorless, colorless gas throughout a home, suffocating hidden termite infestations. Family and pets cannot be in the home during the process, but fumigation is the only eradication method guaranteed to eliminate all the termites within a structure.
There are products available for consumers who want to treat a termite infestation on their own. However, the hardiness of termite colonies makes professional, comprehensive termite control essential for long-lasting results. Termite exterminators use special equipment and pesticides to treat your home's termite infestation, and will return, free of charge, to take care of any recurring issues so your home stays termite-free for a long time.