Pigeon Exclusion Services in Sacramento

Pigeon and their droppings are not only unsightly; they can carry up to 60 different diseases and parasites. Pigeons, while nesting on your home or business can also become a breeding ground for bird mites.

At Pegasus Pest Control, we pride ourselves on excluding pigeons from your home or business. Whether it’s taking away the pigeon nesting sites, preventing roosting on window ledges and gutters, or cleaning up pigeon droppings, Pegasus has a solution to protect your health and safety. Our bird certifies technicians have been through hours of training and years of on the job work experience. This combination allows Pegasus Pest Control to offer an optimum service at a competitive price.

Pest control is a highly variable subject - methods can change drastically depending on the pest species that must be controlled. Pigeons are perfectly adapted to our human environments - building structures present perfect roosts and nesting places for them. They enjoy an easy existence around humans thanks to plentiful food, shelter, and the lack of natural predators that human presence discourages. They are however considered pests because in large numbers, they can create not only highly unaesthetic messes, but their guano is highly corrosive to surfaces, especially in large amounts. They also can, in certain cases, present some serious health concerns, due to human contact with pigeon feces. Many diseases are carried through these birds and can be spread through fecal contact - histoplasmosis is the main concern, and is a fungal disease.

In the case of common pigeons, which are simply urbanized Rock Doves, the pest control approach is somewhat different. There are many different approaches to controlling pigeon flocks around your home and/or business area. One recommendation is to avoid the culling approach. This is simply for the reasons that if a certain fraction of a flock is the main culprit (say, 30 out of a flock of 100 pigeons) to your problem, and you remove those birds permanently, very soon those birds will be replaced as the decrease in food competition due to lower population leads to an ultimate increase in population. Therefore, other methods are better. Live traps are one option - attracted by food bait, pigeons enter through a one way entrance and become trapped. Then they can be transported out of the area. However, one risk of this is that the pigeons may find their way back to the same area. The most popular option are simply pigeon exclusion devices, such as pigeon spikes, bird netting, wires, and electrified wires. Spikes are probably the cheapest and most effective method. These are spikes that angle out from a base to which they are attached (like a ledge), which makes it impossible for pigeons to land on.

Pigeon deterrents, used in conjunction with pigeon exclusion devices are also popular. These are devices which discourage and lessen the presence of pigeon flocks. One great deterrent is a mechanical speaker which plays a variety of predatory bird sounds. A pigeon that hears hawk calls will avoid that area for a long time. Another repellent device is sticky gel which can be laid down anywhere. This makes it very unpleasant for the birds to land on an area, and they learn to avoid that place so as not to become entrapped.
In order to ensure that pigeon control is done humanely, and professionally, the best option is to hire a professional pest control business who has expertise in the area.