Sacramento Termite Swarm Control

Dealing with a termite swarm is irritating on its own, but swarms are indicative of a larger problem. Identifying the point of infestation and getting rid of pests that cause structural damage to a home requires the assistance of a professional exterminator.

What is a Termite Swarm?

While some types of termites have wings, most termites stick to a wood surface in order to colonize while having an easily accessible food source. However, there are times when these winged varieties of termites will fly in a swarm. This occurs most often in conjunction with the reproduction cycle of the termite.

Termites that swarm die naturally within a short time period, but the problem with a termite swarm is that it is indicative of a larger pest problem. While the termites involved in the swarm may not be harmful to a home, members of the colony that are not swarming are actively damaging the structure of a building.

Signs of Termite Swarms

The swarm itself will be easy to locate because a large number of termites will be flying around the outside of a home. However, determining what type of termites are involved and locating the original point of infestation may be difficult.
Collect some of the swarming termites if possible. This will help an exterminator determine what kind of termite is involved.

Treatment Methods

Once a termite problem has resulted in a termite swarm, it is too late to apply any treatment methods that can be done without the assistance of a professional exterminator.

An exterminator will determine points of infestation by using expertise related to building construction. Drills may be needed in order to gain access to infested areas of the home, and termiticide is applied strategically to kill termites and prevent a future infestation. Specialized equipment is used for extermination of a termite swarm.

Anyone dealing with termite swarms in the Sacramento area can contact Pegasus Pest for treatment services from an experienced, knowledgeable exterminator.