What Our Customers Are Saying

Thank you for my services. Julio does a great job every two months. It is nice that he is able to talk Spanish, so clients like me have complete information in your services.

Leticia, Sacramento

Guadalupe is just wonderful and very professional. I couldn’t be happier with him.

Susan, Rocklin

Thank you Jessica. Sure do like your company. Brian does a fabulous job!

Ramona, Sacramento

George is a great representative of your company, very professional and nice.

Holly, Sacramento

Thank you to Jose who always does such a great job. Everything is fine and the service appreciated very much.

Carolyn, Elk Grove

I just wanted to thank you for the work you did yesterday – it was immediately obvious that you had been here and many of the bug issues that we’ve been dealing with for months are gone as of your visit. What a difference between the service we were getting from Terminix and the job that you performed yesterday. I couldn’t be more impressed or happy with the work you did and will be sure to tell everyone how much better Pegasus Pest is compared to the competition!!

Janet, El Dorado Hills

Dean, thanks for all your hard work on my home and going the extra mile. I appreciate your excellent customer service.

Mark, Roseville

George it the most cordial and nice person, very professional.

Linda Sacramento

Brian is a great professional. He always takes the time to explain his work. I have had two other pest companies and was not please. I love your service.

Ramona, Sacramento

After trying another pest company I am returning to Pegasus because of the great service I received from Derek.

Rick, West Sacramento

David is wonderful. I recommend him for employee of the month. I had wasps and several different types of bugs. Everytime David has been wonderful to remove of spray them.

Ron, Folsom

Thanks. Your men were hard workers, clean and had nice attitudes – did a lot of work without a break.

JoAnn, Rocklin

Brian is the greatest. Always friendly, a really nice man.

Karen, Sacramento

Thank you for all your efforts. We were highly impressed with George’s degree of professionalism and his friendly attitude. People like George and Lupe make us appreciate Pegasus Pest Control.

Al, Roseville

Thank you and your team at Pegasus in helping me keep the rat issue in check. Please pass my thanks to Cesar who provided valuable advice and for maintaining the rodent stations, and to Ken who performed the exclusion work. Last, but not least, my thanks to Rocio for providing all the documentation of service performed.

Albert, Sacramento

Thank you for my services. Julio does a great job!

Leticia, Sacramento

They are awesome. The same man comes out every month, so we are so familiar with each other. He always asks me if there is anything that needs to be done inside the house, because sometimes if I have set rat traps he will come out and take the dead rats away. Most of the time he stays outside and makes sure that the spiders that he sees are dead and he sprays all over the place. He is just a very sweet man. I followed the owners Jerry and Dean one day because I needed a pest man, he said he would come over but had to tell his wife that a lady needed pest control and was waiting in her car. He followed me to my home and gave me a price about 10 years ago. The lady across the street was having terrible problems with ants and I asked the manager if he could go over and spray her house just for ants. I asked him to charge it to my credit card and he did and made sure the work was done in a timely fashion and this woman and her family were satisfied. She hasn’t seen an ant since they sprayed. The guy that comes and does the work is always very prompt. They also sent flowers to my family when my mother died.

Janice, Sacramento

Jim is doing an excellent job!

Mark, Sacramento

They are very courteous on the phone. They discussed all their options with me. They call me when they are on their way over. My interaction with them is very professional. They do very good work and are always on time. Their preventative program is very effective, and if I do find any bugs in the house they come out right away and take care of it.

Donna, Elk Grove

Jim is doing an outstanding job. Other customers on my street all say the same about him!

Ernie & Susan, Sacramento

Excellent! Pegasus comes out every other month to perform preventative services. They will also come out in between services if other pests are discovered. Will do inside at no additional fee beyond the every other month charge.

Tom, Folsom

I am really happy with this company, they always send out professional people. George did an inspection and took the time to explain everything to me. Great job!

Vincent, Roseville

Yesterday while Ken and I (yes I was really helping) were working on getting the old underlayment removed, I told him he has an “attitude” and that I was going to tell Dean. He said, “I hope you tell him it is a good one”. And it is. Seldom have I had the opportunity to work with a person who is sp upbeat and positive, innovative, creative, so desirous of doing a complete and thorough job and just a plain hard worker. I could cite a number of disappointing situations we encountered. Ken accepted each one calmly and good naturedly and proceeded to figure out a resolution. It was very enjoyable working with him. Above all his problem solving talents, I think the trait that impressed us most was the overall quality of his work and his profound desire to be sure we are satisfied AND WE ARE!! Once again we appreciate Pegasus and will call you when there is a need.

Frank, Sacramento

Guadalupe is the best and is a very hard worker!

Tiffany, Lincoln

I began service about a year ago, and receive email reminders a week in advance of each visit; this is very important to me since we have dogs and I have to keep them in the garage that day. After service they leave a detailed invoice of the work performed and any comments, such as letting me know they found and treated an ant nest. My credit card is automatically charged for service, and extra service between serviced are provided at no additional cost. I have also left notes for them on the day of regular service and they were properly addressed. They also offer lawn service to fertilize and for weed control and I received free lawn aeration when I signed up. My lawn has never looked better. Overall, they provide great service and are very responsive to your needs and promptly address any concerns. I highly recommend Pegasus Pest Control!

James, Roseville

David is excellent, very professional and a joy to have as our technician. I am very pleased and appreciative of his service.

Renee, Folsom

Jose is a great technician. He is a hard worker and always makes sure to call me when he is finished with the service and also lets me know of any concerns. I am really happy with your company!

Cindy, Elk Grove

Guadalupe was great and took care of my rodent problem. I am very happy to have him as my technician!

Michelle, Lincoln

Pegasus is exactly what I expected. They sprayed for ants and I haven’t had a problem since.

Erick, Elk Grove

Matt and Ken came over a year ago for pigeon service and since then have come back twice to apply more gel on my roof and have never hesitated to come!! They even went out of their way to add face snakes in the gutters for me! Thank you so much for your friendly, professional, reliable, and outstanding service!!

Tammy, Rocklin

Derek Norris is top rate!! As far as we can tell, he’s someone that we can trust on our property. Unlike other technicians from other companies, he’s always respectful, thorough, and leaves our yards the way he found them or better. You have a great employee! Thank you!

Joyce, West Sacramento

Thank you so much! We are so very pleased with your service!

>Frank & Anne, Elk Grove

You have wonderful employees and Jesus is a great technician. I’ve been with your company since 95 and would not even think about switching to another company.

Rose, Galt

Mr. Cague is doing an excellent job.

Mark, Sacramento

We are so pleased with Derek. He makes us feel like we are his ONLY customer. He takes time to ask how my kids are and is always courteous and professional. I have referred Pegasus to others due to Derek’s amazing service. I hope he sticks around for good! Give that man a raise! He is truly one of a kind.

Dana, West Sacramento

Thank you so much for your careful care. Jose is most kind and professional. A very special thanks to him and much appreciation. He truly is to be a valued employee of your company.

Carolyn, Elk Grove

Derek always does a great job. He even brought in my garbage cans. Thank you.

Douglas, West Sacramento

Thank you for the superior customer service.

Denise, Folsom

I must congratulate you on the service of your company. I have had at least three other pest control companies in the past few years and have been unsatisfied with all of them. I had decided to do it myself when two men from your company approached me and talked me into trying your company.

I have had at least 4 or 5 of your technicians and all of them have been polite, courteous, and respectful of my property (I never had to request them to wear booties when walking on my white carpet). The cobwebs are always brushed down and even on the highest side of the house where other companies told me it was impossible or against their rules and regulations. I have never had to call them back to treat any areas.
I must add the woman that answers your phone is exceptional. I always get the day and time that I need.
Thank you for your superior service.

Ann, Sacramento

I am very satisfied with Ken and your service. I have had no problems. You have put a smile on my face.

William, Roseville

Derek is very efficient! I have not had any problems and I appreciate the phone calls explaining the service.

Leticia, West Sacramento

Jose is a tremendous technician. I would not be with your company if not for Jose. He is great and deserves a raise.

Mark, Elk Grove

Derek is doing an excellent job. When I came home, saw the note on invoice stating “I picked up the dog poop.” I meant to do it before the service, but with the rain and what not I didn’t get it done. Thank you, I will be referring Derek to everyone.

Brett, West Sacramento

Dean, we just wanted to thank you so much for having Kenny come and fix the light for us. We so appreciate your generosity.

Jean, Woodland

Excellent service as always. Thank you.

Robert, Rocklin

Thank you. Jose does a wonderful job. I am very satisfied.

Elynor, Elk Grove

I was very impressed with George. He took his time, inspected the subarea when others did not. I had a cheaper bid for my termite treatment but I chose you because of George.

Tim, Lincoln

Thank you for the great service. Mike is the best.

Kirt, Galt

Julio is a sweetheart. Make him a manager and give him a raise.

Arie, Sacramento

I am very happy with your service and glad I switched from the other pest control company to Pegasus.

Linda, Woodland

Please give a BIG holiday wish to Matt and Derek for me. They’re awesome!

Jyll, West Sacramento

We love our bug guy.

Betty, Rocklin

Mike thanks for the great job you do for us.

Roger, Roseville

Jose is a very nice and friendly technician. I am happy with the service and am going to recommend you to my neighbours.

James, Elk Grove

Derek is wonderful and very much appreciated. He picks up dog poop, he goes above and beyond. His service is the best.

Sandy, West Sacramento

Please express our sincere thanks for all of the assistance and educational information provided by the owner of your business and also by the technician who actually came to the premises and provided the treatment.

Norma, Folsom

Thank you for all you have done for me and my family. Andre did a great job today.

Lyla, Woodland

Thanks Bridget. You and George are great – and I appreciate doing business with all of you.

Corey, Lincoln

Please relay our appreciation to all the workers who came here. My husband was quite positively impressed with their friendliness, cooperativeness, professionalism and general good will. I rarely had face to face contact, but my phone experiences agree with his assessment. Additionally, I really appreciate the patience and understanding everyone showed with my many questions and delays.

Darien, Roseville

Jim and Andre are awesome. They took really good care of the roach problem, have not seen any major problems since the service was started.

Daniela, Sacramento

I am really happy with your service. Derek is great.

Tonya, West Sacramento

I have not seen any pests in my house since I started service.

Brandon, Galt

Derek is amazing. He is always really cool. He is awesome.

Laurel, West Sacramento

I am very happy with your service. Every time I need it you are there to provide service. Ken and Derek are very nice guys.

Bob, West Sacramento

I have never seen a termite report look as good as yours. You are the best. Reports are easy to read, user friendly and delivered quickly.

Dianna, Rocklin

Should you need reliable pest control or pigeon service I would recommend Pegasus Pest Control. They provide reliable service even for a year after the work has been done. They honor their previous estimates and more importantly are more than willing to provide a business license number and full liability coverage information.

Tammy, Sacramento

Andre completed service yesterday. He was polite, patient and adorable. A wonderful representative to your company.

Renee, Folsom

George is fantastic. A real professional.

Nelly, Woodland

I forgot to pick up the dog toys and Derek took care of it. I very much appreciate his service.

Vanessa, West Sacramento

Andre is a gentleman and he did a great job with the ants and the rodent traps in the subarea, worked in just a few hours.

Nora, Folsom

I am very happy with your service. I am referring you for our other buildings.

Katie, Sacramento

I am very happy with Jim’s service, bigger companies should take pointers.

Robert, Elk Grove

Great Service. Jose is great.

Sandi, Elk Grove

I am very happy with Derek’s work. Since he has been out to treat there have not been any ants.

Chris, West Sacramento

Derek is really good at what he does. The last treatment made a world of difference.

Dean, West Sacramento

Derek is a Real Professional. Very diligent, respectful and mindful of our property.

Les, West Sacramento

Thank Jose for his call that our home had been serviced. We were on vacation during this time and appreciate the reminder.

Marlys, Elk Grove

Mike is doing a great job and I am very happy with your service.

Shawn, Sacramento

Jose is the best. Very professional and set her mind at ease.

Sandra, Elk Grove

We are very happy with Derek’s customer service. We were out of town for the weekend and Derek brought our garbage cans in for us.

Jason, West Sacramento

Thank you very much for the great service.

Carolyn, Roseville

Derek is wonderful.

Vanessa, West Sacramento

Ken is a perfect gentleman.

Linda, Folsom

Julio is doing a great job.

Donna, Sacramento

Derek is doing a great job. He is fantastic.

John, West Sacramento

You have the greatest and most polite technicians.

Susan, Woodland

As long as Derek is my technician I will never switch services.

Violet, West Sacramento

We love our pest control expert.

Paul and Betty, Lincoln

Jesus is wonderful.

Rose, Galt

You guys are great. Thanks for always giving such good customer service.

Linda, Woodland

Jose Jr. is very thorough and I am please with his service.

Phyllis, Sacramento

Thank you for consistently doing a great job.

Sharon, Folsom